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Unwanted BMD Certificates

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BAKER James; born 17 Sept 1853 Beech St. West Derby Liverpool. Father James; Mother Margaret Ann PRITCHARD B Yes
BALFOUR William Craig, a fish salesman of 82 Shaw St Liverpool to Mary McPHAIL of 78 Brownlow Hill Liverpool; 21 February 1892 at St Mary's. (Register photocopy extract) M Yes
BANKES Ann; age 64yrs of paralysis at Melville St Liverpool on 11 Sept 1876 D Yes
BANKS Margaret, born 15 June 1879 at Farington. Father James, a railway plate-layer; Mother Margaret Morris B Yes
BARRY Andrew; Draper of Banastre St Liverpool Married Bridget GEVIRN of Banastre St Liverpool 5 March 1843 in Register Office (PHOTOCOPY) M Yes
BARRY Margaret; age 81yrs of old age at Medway Union, Chatham Kent on 6 May 1861(PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
BARRY Margaret; age 72yrs of old age in Bristol on 18 Feb 1864 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
BENN Samuel; Pawnbroker (residence indistinct) married Maria CHALLIR at St Bernard Church Middlesex (most information indistinct) M Yes
BIRCHALL Annie Elizabeth age 51 yrs of bronchitis at Scholes, Wigan on 30 March 1920 D Yes
BREEN Margaret, daughter of William BREEN (warehouseman) and Lucy CAREY; 10 Oct 1876 at 14 Warren St, Liverpool B Yes
BREEN William (labourer) to Lucey CAREY (spinster) on 30 October 1872 at Oratory of St Philip Nesi, Maryland Street, Liverpool M Yes
BREEN Lucy, wife of John BREEN, on 13 May 1881 at 10 Cambridge Place, Birkenhead D Yes
BREEN Margaret Ann, daughter of Thomas (sailor) and Ellen (BURNS) on 5 August 1878 at 24 Eldon Place, Liverpool B Yes
BROWN Daniel a Gentleman of Barracks St, Hulme, Lancashire; Married Ann GREENWOOD; a servant of Eccles on 23 April 1855 St George Church M Yes
CASEY Mary Jane; born 9 July 1854 Regent St Liverpool. Father Patrick COLLINS, Mother Eliza B Yes
CASSIN Maud, daughter of James, a dock labourer, and Elizabeth, born 16 April, baptised 5th May 1912. (Register photocopy extract) B Yes
CHARNOCK Elizabeth on 2 April 1959 at Newsham Gen Hospital Liverpool, aged 70 D Yes
CHARNOCK Elizabeth on 1 Feb 1946 at 78 Shaw St, St Helens D Yes
CLARK Richard age 71 died of morbus cordis at Walton Workhouse Liverpool on 15 Jan 1885 D Yes
CLARK Richard; age 56yrs died of bronchitis at Beaufort St Liverpool on 30 March 1880 D Yes
CLARK Richard, 41 years, Police Officer, 4 Feb 1876. Informant Margaret BARBOUR (? indistinct) of 9 Harewood Street Liverpool D Yes
CLARKE Mary age 59yrs; died of sclerosis at Mill Yard Liverpool on 27 Jan 1884 D Yes
COLLINS William; Labourer of Stockdale St; Liverpool married Bridget MATHEWS; Spinster of Stockdale St Liverpool on 18 Dec 1839 M No
COOKSON Joseph (general labourer), age 62 at 76 Handel St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool on 7 May 1913 D Yes
COOKSON Ada to John and Ann ROSEDALE on 6 May 1860 at 7 Victoria St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool B Yes
COOKSON John, (team owners carter) age 69 on 9 November 1926 at 8 Claribel St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool D Yes
COPE James, born 8.6.1874 at 24, Derby St., West Derby son of John and Mary (nee SIMCOCK B Yes
CORNTHWAITE Joseph; Warehouseman of Portland St, Lancaster married Eleayesr WATERHOUSE; Spinster of Sebsey St Lancaster on 18 Sept 1929 M No
CORNTHWAITE Richard; Cleaner of Botchirby, Carlisle married Agnes WRIGHT; Hatter, Colville St, Carlisle on 4 April 1931 M No
CROSS Henry John born 15 Aug 1837 in Sun St. Liverpool. Father John; Mother Margaret WRIGHT (PHOTOCOPY) B Yes
CROSS Thomas; born 20 Sept 1837, Highfield St, Liverpool. Father Peter; Mother Mary FONT (PHOTOCOPY) B Yes
CROSS William; age 17months of tooth fever at James St Liverpool on 30 Aug 1837 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
CROSS William age 10yrs of water on the brain at Circus St Liverpool on 15 Feb 1840 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
CROSS William age 5yrs. Died on way to workhouse Brownlow Hill Liverpool 20 March 1888 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
CROSS William age 3weeks of convulsions at Back Peach St Liverpool on 16 March 1861 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
CROSS William age 1yr of pneumonia in Thomas St Liverpool on 18 Sept 1862 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
CROSS William age 33yrs; drowned at Latchford, Warrington on 18 Dec 1862 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
CROSS William age 62yrs of bronchitis phthisis at Whalley Old Rd, Blackburn on 9 yesv 16 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
CROSS Margaret age 66yrs at Dalrymple St, Liverpool on 23 April 1871 (PHOTOCOPY) D Yes
DAVIES Alice; born 18 yesv 1839 Bolton St. Liverpool. Father William; Mother Hannah HAMPTON B Yes
DEMPSEY Mary Ann; born 6 yesv 1848 Court Sparling St Liverpool. Father James; Mother Margaret DUNN B Yes
DEMPSEY George age 52yrs of bronchitis in West Derby Liverpool on 20 Dec 1895 D Yes
DESILVA William; Optician of Thomas St Liverpool. Married Margaret CROSS of Trueman St, Liverpool at St Brides 8 Jan 1843 (PHOTOCOPY) M Yes
DRIVER Maria b. 29 Jan 1840 at Salford Burnley. Father James; Mother Ann HIRST (surname indistinct)(PHOTOCOPY) B Yes
DUFFY James b. 12 April 1867 West Derby Liverpool. Father Patrick; Mother Margaret MCARDLE B Yes
DUFFY Michael age 68 of apoplexy at Leyden St Liverpool on 7 yesv 1902 D Yes
DUTTON Thomas born 6 Feb 1849 at Mann St Liverpool. Father Thomas; Mother Margaret BLAIR (PHOTOCOPY) B Yes
DUTTON Thomas; boilermaker of Crown St Hulme married Sarah HAYES of Crown St Hulme on 18 Aug 1845 at Coll St Church Manchester (PHOTOCOPY) M Yes
ELLIS John, a Book Keeper of Vaughan St. aged 21 yrs married Elizabeth NORBURY on 10.12.1867 at St. John the Baptist, Toxteth Park. She was 19 yrs. of the same address. M Yes (Photo)
EMERY Maria, died 27.1.1895 at Wainstalls Orphanage, Warley, Halifax. she was 15 yrs., a Worsted Spinner. Inf. Richard Marsden. Cause: Congenital Syphilis, 6 months. D Yes (Photo)
EVANS Barbara; born 5 Jan 1851 Bryn Zion St, Dowlais. Father William; Mother Miriam WATKINS B Yes
EVANS Mary, charwoman, on 3 May 1862, aged 54 at{indistinct - North Wales, Caernarvon district} D Yes
FAIRCLOUGH Elijah a caster, to Catherine EDWARDS on 18th October 1827 at St Annes Church, Liverpool. (Register photocopy extract) M Yes
FLANAGAN Mary, of rubeola, 12 Oct 1865 at 14 Court Collingwood St Liverpool, daughter of Michael FLANAGAN, dock labourer. D Yes
FORBES Robert (mariner) to Jane ROBINSON (? indistinct) on 22 December 1842 at St Philip Church, Liverpool M Yes
GALLAGHER Margaret born 2nd March 1856 at 36, Ashton St., Toxteth Park, Liverpool. Father Peter, a Forge Labourer. Mother Mary nee EAGAN B Yes
GALLAGHER Margaret Ellen, born 10th March 1854 at 11, Cavendish St., Liverpool. Father Patrick, a Labourer. Mother Margaret nee KELLY. B Yes
GEORGI Martha Flora born 3 Jan 1900 Howe St Liverpool. Father Frederick; Mother Olga Flora ENGEL B No
GERAGHTY 17 February 1931 at 126 Smithdown Road, Liverpool age 69 D Yes
GIBNEY Jane, to Catherine GIBNEY 11 Feb 1877 at Liverpool Workhouse B Yes
GIBNEY Robert to Kate Mary EEZONBERRY (?) on 24 Nov 1892 at St Francis Xavier, West Derby M Yes
GIBNEY William Michael to Isabella GRESHAM on 19 Dec 1897 at St Benedict Walton Liverpool M Yes
GIBNEY William Arthur to Margaret FOLLET on 8 July 1895 at Huyton Parish Church M Yes
GIBNEY James to Frances and Mary nee BETTRIDGE on 6 April 1855 at 33 Marybone B Yes
GIBNEY John to Frances and Mary nee BETTRIDGE on 11 May 1853 at Marybone B Yes
GIBNEY Alexander. Born to Albert and Janet nee MILLIGAN on 15.8.1895 at 112? Hood St., Bootle B Yes
GIBNEY Hugh Alexander. Born to Alexander and Eliza nee GLASS on 24.8.1968 at 116, Hamilton Rd., Everton, L'pool B Yes
GIBNEY Margaret. Died on 2.2.1940 at 41, George St., Hindley, Lancs, aged 81 years. D Yes
GOLDING John, to John GOLDING, sailmaker and ? BROMFIELD on 23 February 1845 in Liverpool B Yes
GROVES Walter, on 13 June 1929 at Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford aged 20 (labourer). Son of James GROVES (foreman blanket warper) D Yes
GUY James b. 18 August 1853 to Ellen (nee HEATHERS ?) and (name indistinct) GUY in Litherland (Reg District West Derby, Lancaster) B Yes
HANNAH Samuel, born 18.5.1866 at 10, Garibaldi St., Everton, Liverpool. Father: Alexander HANNAH, a coachman. Mother: Sarah nee HARRISON B Yes
HAYES Christopher age 60 of asthma at Knight St Liverpool on 1 Jan 1845 D Yes
HEALEY Mary Ellen born 28 March 1881 Worthington St, Liverpool Father Patrick; Mother Ellen McCOY B Yes
HEATON William; joiner of Old Hall St, Liverpool. Married Mary NICHOLSON of Bedford St Liverpool on 6 yesv 1854 St Johns Church, Liverpool M Yes
HEATON William a Gentleman of Dublin Married Sophia Garrett MOOR, spinster of Liverpool 5 May 1859 in Liverpool Parish Church M Yes
HEATON William; Draper of Gt George St, Liverpool. Married Ellen FOWLER of Bedford St Liverpool 6 Dec 1860 at St Michaels Church M Yes
HEATON Donald a Widower of Townsend La Liverpool Married Grace THOMAS a Widow of Townsend Lane Liverpool 15 Sept 1873 in Liverpool Parish Church M Yes
HIGGS George (batchelor, Mariner) to Sarah BENSON, widow, both of Knight St. on 22 December 1862 at St Brides, Liverpool M Yes
HIME Mary Jane born 2 Oct 1878 Henry Edward St Liverpool. Father James; Mother Mary BURNS B Yes
HODSON Esther, daughtr of John Robert, a chemical labourer, and Emma of 20 Windsor Place; born 9 April; baptised 15 May 1912 at St Mary's Church, Bootle. (Register photocopy extract) B Yes
HODSON Ann, to Edward, ironmonger and Elizabeth TOMLINSON on 7 Feb 1845 at Limekiln La, Liverpool B Yes
HOLDEN William, born to Joseph (blacksmith) and Betty (nee Hampton) 4 April 1848 West Derby B Yes
HOUGHTON Marion to Robert Chopping HOUGHTON (draper) and Sarah NEWMAN on 3 May 1873 at Newmarket, Beccles, Suffolk B Yes
HOUGHTON Samuel, (farmer) to Jane ANDERS on 18 November 1849 at Parish Church of Prescot, Lancashire M Yes
HULME Jed; Carpenter (residence indistinct) married Mary CHARLESWORTH (residence indistinct) on 7 Oct 1850 Hinpley Church, Stafford M Yes
JOHNSON Mary Ann; born 6 June 1845 Thatts Heath, Sutton, St Helens. Father John, Mother Hester APPLETON B Yes
JONES John; Warehouseman of Roseberry St, Liverpool married Mary JONES; Spinster of Roseberry St, Liverpool on25 Jan 1881 M Yes
JONES Frances Elizabeth born 7 May 1871 Chirkdale St, Liverpool. Father Charles; Mother Frances WILKINSON B No
KELLY Mary; born 23 July 1840 Ford St. Liverpool. Father Morris; Mother Jane LOWREY B Yes
KNEALE Grace, married Joseph MARSHALLSAY, at Braddan, Isle of Man on 20.10.1840. M Yes
LANGDALE Henry, boy, on 17 March 1867 at 2 New Court, New St, Deptford, Kent to Henry (father)(carpenter) and Elizabeth (nee DAVIS) B Yes
LEA Mary; born 20 Sept 1842 Litherland. Father John, Mother Elizabeth GRAY B Yes
LEAR Sarah Hannah born 1848 (details indistinct; yes father) B Yes
LLOYD John; born 22 Dec 1851 Court Llanrust St, Liverpool. Father Mathew, Mother Jane FARRELL B Yes
LLOYD John. Died on 4.1.1871 at 22, Plumbe St., Liverpool, aged 46 yrs. D Yes
LOCKHARD Annie, died 7.3.1895 at Wainstalls Orphanage, Warley, Halifax. She was 16 yrs a Worsted Twister. Inf. Richard Marsen. Cause: Phthisis Pulmonous, 2 months D Yes (Photo)
MAGUIRE Joseph on 22 March 1875 at 18 Dundas Street, Bootle; Father Henry, labourer; Mother Mary LAMB B Yes
MARCHANT Henry born 2 Oct 1856 Burley Ringwood Southampton. Father John, a farmer; Mother Mary Ann nee ROGERS B Yes
MARSHALLSAY Agnes Mary, born 20.8.1846 at 30, Sussex St., Toxteth Park, L'pool. F: Joseph, Tide Surveyor, customs. M: Grace. B Yes
MARSHALLSAY Joseph, married Grace KNEALE at Braddan, Isle of Man on 20.10.1840 M Yes
MARSHALLSAY Agnes Mary, married Thomas RIMMER at St Nicholas, L'pool on 27.2.1867. M Yes
MARSHALLSAY Grace, died at Little Altcar, Lancashire on 2.3.1881, aged 65 yrs. D Yes
MARSHALLSAY Agnes Mary. Born to Joseph and Grace nee KNEALE on 20.8.`846 at 30, Sussex St., Toxteth Pk., L'pool B Yes
MARSHALLSAY Grace. Died on 2.3.1881 at Little Altcar, aged 65 years. D Yes
MARSHALSEA Joseph. Married to Grace KNEALE on 20.10.1840 at Braddon, Isle of Man M Yes
MAUDSLEY Walter Ernest of diabetes at Gloucester Rd, Southport on 14 June 1939 D Yes
McCORMACK Ignatius Johannes born to Johannis and Emily (SHEARD) 9 Nov 1889, bap 10 Nov 1889 (photocopy, in Latin of baptism register) B Yes
MCGUINESS Mary, to John McGUINESS, blacksmith and Bridget Pye on 7 February 1851 in Liverpool B Yes
McGUIRE James, Bengal Artillery Army Pensioner, age 73 at 15 Penrith Street, Liverpool D Yes
MEADOWS John born 25 April 1859 Cleveland Sq, Liverpool. Father William, Mother Emma SHUFFLEBOTTOM B Yes
METCALFE Sarah, to John (railway goods clerk) and Eva HORSFALL on 4 May 1892 at 14 Elsworth St, Bradford B Yes
MICHELS Jurgen, a mariner to Willemke Willems POSTESSA a spinster at St Annes Church, Liverpool on 22 October 1827. (Register photocopy extract) M Yes
MILLER Sarah Francis, daughter of William Samuel, a mill hand of 294 Derby Road, Bootle; born 8 April, baptised 15 May 1912 at St Mary's Bootle. (Register photocopy extract) B Yes
MOSCROP Joseph a Tailor of Shelly St Bootle; married Mary St CLAIRE of Shelly St Bootle on 12 May 1888 in St James Catholic Church M Yes
MURRAY James, a steward of yesrthumberland Terrace Liverpool to Minnie THORNLEY of 87 yesrthumberland Terrace on 27 May 1888 at St Georges Church. (Register photocopy extract) M Yes
MURRAY Anthony, died 22.1.1910 at 37, Camden St., Bootle. He was 65 yrs, and a Watchmaker. Inf: M.E.Thomas, Daug. of 117, Brasenose Rd., Bootle. Cause: Arteris Sclerosis. Syncope. D Yes
OWEN Robert to Elizabeth Ellen DELUCE on 26 Nov 1973 M Yes
P(?)ARLE Josephine, daughter of Joseph (marine fireman) and Ellen (CONNOR) on 8 August 1909, Horwood Street, Liverpool (writing v indistinct) B Yes
PLATT William born 19 Oct 1865 Groves Row Sutton, St Helens. Father James, Mother Ann PINNINGTON B Yes
POWELL Mary Ellen. Born to William and Elizabeth nee HUGHES on 16.3.1872 at Bryntirion, Gwernafield, Mold B Yes
QUAYLE Charles married Catharine GARRETT, a spinster on 18 Sept 1841 at Braddon, IOM. (Photocopy) M Yes
RANKIN Robert, born 13 yesv 1876 at 100 Windsor Street, Toxteth Park; father Robert, a ships steward; Mother Rosind Catherine YEVIN B Yes
RANKIN Walter, born 21 August 1861, Church Street, Bocking, Essex; father Thomas a farm labourer; mother Elizabeth SARGEANT B Yes
RIGBY Mary Ann born18 April 1852 Whiston Prescot. Father William, Mother Catherine (surname indistinct) B Yes
RIGLEY Norman to (name indistinct, looks like Assnami KIRNNIAGE) on 18 Oct 1878 (photocopy in Latin of marriage register) M Yes
RILEY Norman to Elizabeth TURNBULL (originally PINNINGTION) on 6 Oct 1878 at Soho Sq Liverpool (photocopy in Latin of mariage register) M Yes
RIMMER Thomas, born 28.4.1841 at Formby, Lancashire. F: John, Ag. Lab. M: Margaret nee FORMBY. B Yes
RIMMER Margaret, born 20.1.1871 at Formby, Lancashire. F: Thomas, a Brewer. M: Agnes nee MARSHALLSEY. B Yes
RIMMER Thomas, married Agnes Mary MARSHALLSAY at St Nicholas, L'pool on 27.2.1867. M Yes
RIMMER Agnes Mary, died at Formby, Lancashire on 2.5.1877, aged 31 yrs. d Yes
RIMMER Thomas, Married to Agnes Mary MARSHALLSAY on 27.2.`867 at St. Nicholas' Church, Liverpool. M Yes
RIMMER Thomas. Born to John and Margaret nee TYRER on 28.4.1841 at Formby B Yes
RIMMER Margaret. Born to Thomas and Agnes nee MARSHALLSEY on 20.1.1871 at Formby B Yes
RIMMER Agnes Mary. Died on 2.5.1877 at Formby aged 31 years. D Yes
SAGGERSON Francis married Margaret NEIL, a spinster on 13 July 1841 at Rainford Chapel, Prescot. (Photocopy) M Yes
SAGGERSON Francis married Margaret KNEALE, a spinster on 12 Sept 1841 at Braddon, IOM. (Photocopy) M Yes
SIMPSON Ada, born 12.4.1870 at 3, Codrington St., West Derby, daughter of Thomas and Alice (nee SIMPSON) B Yes
SMITH George born 14 Sept 1883 Anthony St, Everton, Liverpool. Father George, Mother Eliza PARRY B Yes
SMITH Jacobus Eduardus born to Jacobi and Johannae (McCUMOSKEY) 28 Oct 1889, bap 10 Nov 1889 (photocopy in Latin of baptism register) B Yes
STEELE William (warehouseman) to Eliza SANT on 2 June 1859 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Tunstall, Wolstanton, Staffordshire M No
STEELE Ellison (boy) to William (journeyman joiner) and Sarah BROOMHALL on 25 December 1866 at Newcastle St, Silverdale, Wolstanton, Stafford B Yes
STEELE Ellison (boy) to Ellison (railway signalman) and Marion HOUGHTON on 29 December 1891 at Allerton Sidings, Allerton, Wavertree B Yes
STEPHENS Anthony, died 10.1.1856, at 18 Court, Chisenhale St., L'pool. He was 31 yrs. and a Barber. Inf: P J Curry, Coroner, L'pool. Cause:- Excessive Drinking. D Yes
STEPHENSON George born 9 Feb 1839 at Scholefield Lane, Wigan. Father John; Mother Mary PHILIPS (PHOTOPCOPY) B Yes
STEVENSON George born 7 Oct 1839 at Sparling St, Liverpool. Father Charles, Mother Esther ASHTON (PHOTOCOPY) B Yes
SWEENEY Mary Ann born 24 Feb 1863 Broom St, Liverpool. Father John, a Dock Labourer. Mother Bridget nee MARON B Yes
SWEENEY Mary Ellen born 27 Dec 1862, 87, Fontenoy St, Liverpool. Father Thomas, a Dock Labourer. Mother Eliza nee KEEGAN B Yes
TAYLOR Thomas age 64 yrs of stomach cancer at Carrington Rd, Whiston on 13 yesv 1937 D Yes
TAYLOR Mary, father John TAYLOR, mother Sarah Jane COCKS; at 77 Summer Street, Skelmersdale, Lancs on 25 April 1904 B Yes
THOMPSON Charles Robert to John Thomas and Margaret Milne on 14 January 1892 at 45 Baltic Street, Everton, Liverpool B Yes
TUDOR Joseph born 11 April 1883 Tryddyn, Hawarden. Father William, Mother Esther JONES B Yes
WATSON James a joiner, to Ellen MUTCH a spinster on 28 October 1927 at St Annes Church, Liverpool. (Register photocopy extract) M Yes
WEBSTER Samuel married Ellen ALLCOCK at St James Church, Toxteth, Liverpool on 23 Jan 1832 (copy of register entry no 468) M Yes
WILKINSON Colin Eric to Susan GILL on 6 Oct 1979 in Liverpool M Yes
WILLIAMS David (widower, joiner) married Sarah WARE (? name indistinct) at St James, Toxteth, Liverpool on 16 Jan 1832 [Photocopy of register entry no 466) M Yes
YOUNG Walter born 18 Feb 1868 Tully St, Liverpool. Father John; Mother Hannah WOOLSTENCROFT B Yes
YOUNG Annie born 21 Oct 1869 Tranmere Birkenhead. Father Frederick; Mother Hannah HIGSON B Yes
YOUNG Florence Mabel born 28 Feb 1884 Cobden St, Birkenhead. Father James Charles; Mother Sophia LEWIS B Yes